“If you live for yourself, you live in vain, but when you live for others, you live again” Robert Nesta Marley

God 1st: If you don’t know where God is, find Him!!!

If you don’t have any recreation in your life, find one; all work and no play…..

Schooling is good for your career but making sure it is a career goal makes the most impact as you educate yourself rather than just schooling.

Look at your finances carefully.

NB: Life is full of choices; live it, make it wisely.



Suhuyini introduced to Ghanaian Leaders at the official launch of the Emerging Public Leaders of Ghana in 2019

Suhuyini is my name and I see myself as a selfless ambitious Global Citizen.

I am:

A follower,

A leader,

And a learner.

Knowing when to:

Accept roles and when to assign roles,

When to act and when not to act.

He sees himself as a learner who will continuously learn by asking and probing for more.

He sees himself as a person who should “not ask what my country can do for me but what I can do for my country” J. F. Kennedy.

Being an advocate for this drive, I want to see one out of twenty individuals I meet adopting same towards supporting the nation-building of their home country.

Mohammed Suhuyini Zakaria (@zmsuhuyini; Twitter)



Zakaria Mohammed Suhuyini

Zakaria Mohammed Suhuyini

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